System Supplier

With over 20 years of engineering expertise in development and design, we are one of the market leaders for components in the rail vehicle industry.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  1. the production and processing of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)
  2. the design & development of electronic and electrical systems
  3. the installation of pneumatic and hydraulic components

And most importantly:
The combination of these three fields in complex and highly technical

  • Perfectly matched
  • reliable
  • sustainable

The close collaborative partnership with our customers already starts in the product development phase in order to optimally combine the wishes of engineers and designers with the material and manufacturing related possibilities. This allows us to produce costoptimized, efficient & highquality products / system components: Everything from one source (plug & play), from concept to retrofit.

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Our specialty

GRP is an extremely light material with lots of positive properties. The low weight particularly ensures lower energy consumption while in use (compared to other materials). As a result, it is ideal for rail transport. Depending on the geometry and complexity, we manufacture the components in four different processes: RTM (Resin Transfer Molding), RTM-light/ VARI (Vaccum Assisted Transfer Molding), SMC hot pressing as well as hand laminating.


Front Nose

  • manual / automatic front hatch Kinematics
  • Reinforced metal structure / main and subframe
  • GRP sandwich design
  • mechanical / pneumatic and electrical interfaces to the vehicle
  • Lighting

Front cabins

Example: Project Neoval
  • GRP molded parts with integrated lighting
  • manual / automatic opening mechanism
  • Reinforced metal structure
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces to the vehicle

Head Module

Example: Project ICE4
  • Large GRP molded parts
  • Integrated insulated materials
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces to the vehicle

Spoiler and Apron Systems

Example: Project Combino Bern XL
  • GRP molded parts with integrated lighting
  • manual / automatic opening mechanism
  • Reinforced metal structure
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces to the vehicle


Speed and Quality

Our development service is characterized by two elements: Speed and Quality.

It contains all steps from A to Z


Advance planning and conception; Definition of specifications and basic requirements.

Consulting and Development

We bring in our knowledge to our customers as early as the development phase and support them with GRP-specific designs and interface considerations.


CAD Software: CATIA V5 and CREO 4.0; entire 2D and 3D design; FSF-compliant drawings/parts lists; Electrical Engineering


for GRP components, adhesives, paint systems, electrical components, hydraulic & pneumatic components


Short-term availability of spare parts and repair of existing components; the service team is on site at short notice for our customers; we offer nondestructive testing of GRP components. More information her


We cover all common milestones from the concept design review to the pilot production for components in the rail vehicle industry, and we hold multiple certifications.

Serial production

Small series to large series in consideration of KAIZEN and lean management.

PROTOTYPE production

existing first prototype production; own tool production; 3D printed prototypes


Planning of preventive and corrective measures within the life cycle of a vehicle; Non-destructive testing of GRP components.


at all levels of the company

The aspects of sustainability in the development and manufacturing of products in rail vehicle industry are constantly gaining importance. We are adapting to this at all levels of the company.

Specifically, this means for our customers:

  • we meet the requirement with regard to the responsible procurement of materials
  • the component strength is individually customized according to use and requirement
  • durable material
  • we develop individual repair solutions
  • we support our customers with environmental initiatives
  • we meet your specific sustainability requirements with regard to social & corporate governance

Specifically, this means for our company:

  • we recycle raw materials in the manufacturing process
  • we develop semiautomated, lowcost, and lowemission manufacturing processes
  • we carry out regular sustainability audits
  • we meet a high standard of sustainability with regard to social & corporate governance